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Attendance and absence

School commences at 8.45am (KS1) and 8.50am (KS2) and children are expected to be punctual. Persistent latecomers will be reported to the Educational Welfare Officer. The school has developed new systems to record lateness. Children arriving late must report to the school office. Children arriving at school ten minutes after registration are considered absent from that school session. Parents are requested to inform us about children who are not able to attend school. This should be done before 9.30am on the first day of absence. Absences can be recorded on the StudyBugs App.

Children who have been absent from school must on their return, bring a note explaining the reason for such absence. Alternatively parents may contact school by telephone. If on return to school, no reason has been given for an absence, it will be marked as unauthorised absence. A note is required if, for any reason, a child is to be excused from PE or games’ periods.


Attendance Policy

Attendance Matters